Your Silence Moves Me

Posted in Confusion, Humility, Relationships, Sex on August 9, 2008 by amandajwest

Your silence moves me.

Ghostly manners


Sheets of white

Outline of bodies tied,


Invisible rope forms


Haning us out to


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Posted in Confusion, Humility, Love, Relationships, Sex on December 25, 2007 by amandajwest

Your words say
That you don’t want to love me.

But your actions betray,
And I feel misplaced today.
I know that you don’t see Continue reading

Perfect Improbability

Posted in Love, Relationships, Wisdom with tags , on December 11, 2007 by amandajwest

I may have met you somewhere before


It is quite probable =

This equation will not equate to anything more. Continue reading


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Each morning stuffed & crammed in tin cars like robotic sardines,
Stepping on controls,
& turning wheels,

Steering the course of our lives,like salmon swimming upstream,
Rushing, hustling through details of time. Continue reading

Early Bird Special

Posted in Old Age, Wisdom on December 7, 2007 by amandajwest

A wrinkled, hunched over woman walks into the diner painfully, slowly………
She takes a moment to smell the heavy grease in the air,
An oily, humid stench that coats the ceiling in a yellow frosting.
The fuchsia neon signs flicker in the diner window like a strobe flashing images
Of her youth and a blurred reflection of what she has become. Continue reading

The Hotel

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“Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe,”

-Tom Stoppard from his play “Night and Day”

In the early hours of the rainy morning,
I gaze out a picture window ruled with an iron gate,
Attired with large glass panes and gold satin sashes
That frame the window like a theatrical stage. Continue reading

Soft Serve

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My emotions are piling up on top of each other
Coiling like a snake into a flaky, pallid cone,
Embossed with crossed ridges that cut my tongue
With sharp slivers of wafer. Continue reading